Easy to Customize

Technology does not require entire system replacement, can be phased in to meet customers goals/limits.

Less Components

The Oxford LPP™ platform reduces overall refrigerant system components, average system charge is reduced by 50%, reduced system heat, reduced energy, dual temp systems eliminate low temperature architecture, low temperture management with Vapour Drive™ and all mechanically adjustable devices are eliminated.

Climate Friendly

Protecting our climate from refrigerant gases with a ZERO leak rate strategy. All components are hermetically sealed. Low cost pressure safeties and pressure control hoses have been 100% removed from platform. The use of higher quality, smarter controls allows for a better operating and lower charged system that has the least amount of connection points and gaskets of any platform on the market.


Oxford LPP™ low temperature architecture changes everything you have experienced with convensional low temperature systems. It is now the easiest running, most reliable, and lowest maintenance part of your system.

Reduced Installation Costs

Reduced installation costs, reduced start up time, pre-charged, pre-programmed, self assessing and adjusting system architecture. There are no mechanical devices to set. All EXV controllers self program for the application. The Oxford Sensori™ control system removes the need for guessing. All system information is present and infront of you.

Advanced Design

Oxford LPP™ and HFO refrigerants when designed in conjunction with evaporator/case layouts meet all current California state guidelines and European directives while maintaining a 50lb or lower refrigerant charge along with low GWP HFO refrigerant. This platform is ready for drop in replacements of new below 150 GWP HFO refrigerants that are currently being tested.

Oxford LPP™ Platform

A leap forward in efficiency and reliability. The refrigeration system that get you a step closer to carbon neutral




Avg Kw/year reduction


GHG reduction in tons of C02


# of solar installs


GHG reduction in Kilograms of C02


Barrels of oil saved


Gallon of gas saved


# of houses powered/year
All data and conversions from EPA website carbon calculator