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Our Goal

An astounding 58% of all food produced in Canada – 35.5 million tonnes – is lost or wasted, according to a new report, about a third of that wasted food could be recovered and reused in communities in need across the country.

In the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30-40% of the food supply. This estimate, based on of the estimates from USDA's Economic Research Service of 31 percent food loss at the retail and consumer levels, corresponded to approximately 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food.

Let’s reduce the energy it takes to keep our food fresh, and let’s control everything better to reduce waste. The total goal should be high quality food at a lower cost and greater availability to everyone.

The current energy consumption required to freeze and cool/refrigerate food and food products is greatly inflated by the extremely inefficient ways we are going about this process. This is mainly because the industry is driven by, large corporate entities that refuse to invest and embrace a change. The main goal of these companies is to generate large quantities of income and the focus shift at the engineering tables of these companies is not to improve the product for the consumer, it is to improve sales.

Therefore, the wrong components are being sold/marketed and the available resources to improve refrigeration systems are limited/controlled intentionally by these same companies. Equipment choices, layouts, designs, and even engineered data and performance limitations are “influenced” by corporate hands. We should not even be in a position of having to protect the environment from our refrigerant gases if the design of this system supported a ZERO leak rate strategy.

We should have done better. We have the tools to do better.

At the Oxford Group of Companies, we are striving to work with other companies that legitimately want to change the global impact of what we are doing and we know it can be done.

We are already doing it. You should join us!

Oxford LPP ™ Platform

Utilizes any existing HFC refrigerant but main market is HFO refrigerants, low pressure, and high critical temperature characteristics.

Technology does not require entire system replacement, can be phased in to meet customers goals/limits. Percentage of facility will go to new HFO low-pressure platforms with Oxford LPP ™ technology. The remainder of the facility will get Oxford LPP ™ applied to its conventional architecture.

The Oxford LPP ™ platform reduces overall equipment, reduces system superheat, reduces overall heat of compression, eliminates entire low temperature condenser, receiver, oil separation, etc. fifty percent of the refrigerant in the old architecture is eliminated.

The new platform with Oxford LPP ™ and HFO refrigerants when designed in conjunction with evaporator/case layouts meet all current California state guidelines and European directives while maintaining a 50lb or lower refrigerant charge along with low GWP HFO refrigerant.

The cost of ownership and operation of a Oxford system with Oxford LPP ™ compared to conventional rack systems, based on a lower maintenance system that are designed to a 0 leak rate benchmark, and based on lower energy consumption your overall reduction is anywhere from 40-60%.

Reduced installation costs as the system utilized less than 50% of the overall piping. Piping can be achieved with many options, due to the low-pressure operation and low operating temperatures, the refrigeration system can be piped conventionally with brazed copper. You can use copper pipe with crimped connections, or you can use aluminum pipe with crimped connections for a lighter, more cost effective installation yet just as reliable.

Full low temperature redundancy is achieved with flow through design of the Oxford LPP ™ architecture.

Temperature changes in an evaporator, utilizing a low temperature case/load in a medium temperature application requires no valve, does not affect compression, does not require any changes to the system architecture at all.

System does not have any pressure compensated or pressure dependent valves.

Patent pending system.

This platform gets us closer to the true cost of moving refrigerant without the efficiency losses of conventional low temperature compression

Reduces secondary heat influences such as heat of compression and motor heat into low temperature architecture by as much as 80%

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Oxford Sensori Control ™

The Sensori Control ™ platform is the first of its kind in the refrigeration industry.

The platform is designed to be an open structure with no limitations to future designs and adapted equipment.

We are in a world that is changing faster than any one of us can foresee, and we need a platform that does not become another independent system in a store architecture which, already contains many of these. (Refrigeration, Lighting, HVAC, Retail, Heating, alarm, customer monitoring, etc.)

The implementation of Sensori Control ™ system is foremost to remove limitations. Open to end user to add whatever he wishes to system, add his own programming, adapt to existing and new architectures.

The Sensori Control ™ platform contains adaptive compressor management. We see all temperatures and pressure, oil level and oil pressure at each compressor individually and assess through analytics their operation and efficiencies. We then learn from an operating envelope when we stray away from what we determine as normal or common and request service before there is a catastrophic event. Adapt to temperature changes in cases, load profiles, adding more sensor for more information makes the system more efficient. Knowledge of how many doors are open on a freezer case for how long allows the system to change load profile and maintain temperatures before losing temperature.

Strive to eliminate food waste at the cost of the refrigeration system.

Allow a platform that has no limitations to any sensor in the world..

Approved for every country in the world with all major certifications.

Global Support and availability.

Compressor safety modules work with any compressor manufactuer, on any type of compressor.


Vapour Drive ™

The Vapour Drive ™ is here. Oxford’s Vapour Drive ™ technology is a market changing addition to the LPP. Find out more on our web site. Remove the problems with oil, remove the limitations of speed variation and load profile. This is a 0-100% fully modulating, vfd controlled, OPEN magnetic drive scroll compressor that does not need oil. The motor is not in the refrigerant stream. Discharge superheat is reduced by 60% compared to previous designs. Motor power required is reduced by over 50%. Variable speed A/C or DC driven technologies. Field repairable, semi-hermetic scroll design takes the low pressure stage to new levels of reliablilty and energy efficiency.

The Oxford Group of Companies

Oxford Refrigeration Inc. Oxford Energy Solutions Inc. Oxford C02 technologies Inc. Oxford Gas Compression Systems Inc.


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